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WFA Festival of Arts


“...fresh, modern vibes...a feast for the senses” - Wilsonville Spokesman -

“...brings visual art, literary arts, live music, dance, theatre, and performance art, outside to the public, for free.” - Oregon ArtsWatch -

Boonesferry Messenger -

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council and want to support this incredible, annual cultural event that helps build community and enhance the livability and beauty of this city...” - Findlay Auto (sponsor)

Comments from Attendees

  • “Art! Jewelry! A day outside!”

  • “exquisite”

  • “awesome art”

  • “great event every year”

  • “we enjoyed the event immensely”

Smith Rock Craggin' Classic

Rock & Ice Magazine -

“Great event! Had an awesome time!” - attendee

“...a wonderful job organizing!” - William Soule (sponsor)

“Awesome turn-out this weekend and what fun!” - Outdoor Research (sponsor)

“…fantastic job! By far the best event I have ever attended out at Smith.” - Metolius (sponsor)

“...reception was incredible by attendees.” - Ice Breaker (sponsor)